“Alicia Cook’s mind is all over the place.” – 5-star Goodreads’ Review


Alicia Cook is a bestselling author and award-winning activist from New Jersey. She is the author behind the poetry collections Stuff I’ve Been Feeling LatelyI Hope My Voice Doesn’t Skip, and Anomaly: A Concept Album, and the collection of essays Heroin is the Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Me.





More About Alicia

“Alicia Cook is self-reliant and fully aware of how to make her voice heard. Through Cook’s wisdom and insecurity, we can see a vulnerable poet repositioning her life after achieving new heights.” – The Asbury Park Press

“Alicia Cook is an authority, albeit a reluctant one, and she is haunted. Indeed, she welcomes spirits who have passed, as if she is their spokesperson, as if she can’t shake it, as if it is her purpose, and so it is.” – Steve Rogers, PBS

“Alicia Cook is someone that you pay attention to, because you just know that whatever she is creating, and putting out into the world, is going to change a life.” – Healing Hopefuls

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